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Rigorous, standards-driven instruction supported by 1:1 technology in a project-based learning environment. Our students take ownership of the school culture and their own learning to meet

high expectations and solve complex real-world problems.

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Parent Help for 11th Grade Physics

The 11th grade physics classes need your help! (You do not have to be a parent of an 11th grade student to participate.)


The students are wrapping up the project "Gothos ex Machina", a project about work and the conservation of energy using pulleys, and we need a community audience.  There will be 2 galleries on Monday December 11th 11:15 am-12:00 pm, and 1:30-2:15 pm. And 2 galleries on Tuesday December 12th also at 11:15 am-12:00 pm, and 1:30-2:15 pm.


The premise:  In 300 AD, a spy for the Northern Germanic Tribes brought back from the Romans a drawing of a pulley with reports that the Romans were using this device to lift very heavy objects in their construction.  Three “engineers” of the Germanic Tribe began arguing about the device.  The students play the role of someone who can resolve the conflict between the engineers.  It has been their job to design experiments so that they can determine who among the arguing engineers is right, and who is wrong.  They are then given the charge of returning to the tribe with the results of the experiment, so that they can describe what they did, and who was correct.

Your role:  You will play one of the elders, not necessarily trained in the “technical arts”.  As an elder, you are curious about what the students did, and you are eager to hear what they determined. You will be assessing their ability to communicate their claims and processes with clarity.


Please respond to the short survey to let me know whether or not you are able to attend any of the galleries.


Survey Link


Thank you for your support!  If you have any questions please let me know!

Information for Seniors-Click Here

David Lynch New Principal at Nex+Gen

You should know that I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work in small, innovative, and highly collaborative school like Nex+Gen Academy. I am hoping to be able to make a contribution to the ongoing success of the school.  

I began my career as a high school teacher in northern New Jersey. During those first seven years, I taught Business, Technology, and all levels of Spanish. During those years, I was also a Student Council advisor, a Tennis Coach, and a Basketball Coach.  My wife, Sara, and I moved to Albuquerque in 2004 immediately after finishing my master’s degree at Seton Hall. My first job in  APS was at Desert Ridge Middle School where I taught Spanish and Social Studies. I then moved into administration and served as an Assistant Principal at McKinley MS and LBJ MS. For the last seven years, I have been the Principal of Garfield STEM school. Garfield STEM  is a small school of choice focused on collaboration, PBL, and Science.

We have two wonderful sons Alexander 12, and Matthew 10. They will be attending Desert Ridge and Double Eagle this year We have two crazy rescue dogs Hawk and Loki (yes there is a Marvel connection). There are also some fish but they are too numerous to name. My mother in law, Marcia also lives with us with her dog Charlotte. 

Our family enjoys weekends in Durango and road trips in the summer. This summer we were able to make the 16-hour trek to Yellowstone National Park. It was a long drive but worth it. I am an avid soccer fan. I support the USMNT and Arsenal FC. The weekend schedule is planned around morning Arsenal games. 

I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the Nex+Gen community. 

Our School



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Enrollment for 2018-2019 school year

Are you interested in attending Nex+Gen Academy High School? Get all the information at one of our Enrollment Open Houses held at Nex+Gen Academy from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the following dates:

October 18th

November 15th

December 6th

January 17th

February 7th

March 14th 

Partners in Education

Dear Nex+Gen community,


Partners in Education (PIE PIE.png) is our community-building group at Nex+Gen, made up of parents, students, teachers, alumni, and other stakeholders who work together to keep our school great.  We had an awesome pilot semester in Fall 2017, achieving many grass roots goals, including welcoming our new principal, Mr. Lynch, coordinating our Nex+Gen mentorship fair, reconnecting with more than sixty Nex+Gen alumni at our first annual Alumni Days, cleaning up the North Parking Lot, hosting Open Houses, and jumpstarting our Griffin Reader Leaders Program at Governor Bent Elementary School, an initiative which will continue all year.


Our priorities for Spring 2018 are to continue to support our school and build community through outreach events and volunteer involvement. Stay tuned for a survey that will help us to know who you are, how we can support you, and how you can contribute to our community.  


Right away, we’re making a big push to support our Griffin Robotics Teams, led by Mr. Davis, as Nex+Gen is hosting for the first time one of the state-wide FTC (First Tech Challenge) Qualifying Tournaments on January 20th, 2018.   24 teams from all over the state of New Mexico will travel to nex+Gen for an all-day robotics competition.  We also have some teams coming from Mexico and Arizona.  We need the following volunteers for this exciting event on Saturday, January 20th:


2 judges, non-technical, all day (7 am to 4 pm)

1 pit administrator, all day (7 am to 4 pm)

6 additional volunteers, half-day shifts:

Two Practice Field Monitors  (7 am to noon, 11 - 4 pm)

Two people for Crowd Control  (7 am to noon, 11 - 4 pm)

Two Floaters  (7 am to noon, 11 - 4 pm)


We will also be providing breakfast, snacks, and lunch for 50 volunteers that day.  If you can’t come to the event, can you send food with your student on that Friday, January 19th?  We appreciate your support so much!


Our next PIE meeting will be Tuesday, January 9th from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Please join us to learn more about our school and to help us work towards fostering a positive sense of community.  We’ll be learning about Griffin Robotics Mentorships, discussing the following upcoming events, and more:


  • North Parking Lot Clean-up, Saturday, January 13th from 8 am to 10 am.

  • FTC Robotics Competition at Nex+Gen, Saturday, January 20th from 7 am to 4 pm

  • PIE Open House on Thursday, January 25th at 1:00 pm

  • Nex+Gen Game Night on Friday, January 26th

  • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast on Wednesday, February 14th

  • Nex+Gen College Prep Night - February 2018


As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about Nex+Gen Partners in Education.  I hope to hear from you! Looking forward to our meeting on Tuesday, January 9th.


Kelly McCloskey-Romero, NBCT

French, Spanish, and ESL facilitator

Partners in Education (PIE) coordinator
nex+Gen Academy High School
5325 Montgomery Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM  87109


5325 Montgomery Blvd NE 

Albuquerque New Mexico 87109

Phone 505-878-6400  

Principal: David Lynch