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Staff Directory

Teachers' Websites

Our teachers are all accessible to parents through our Learning Management System: Echo. Send the webmaster an email requesting a login and password to Echo. 


School Information    
5325 Montgomery Blvd NE; Albuquerque, NM  87109
(505) 878-6400    FAX: 878-6415
Aimee Milazzo                                    
Office: 505-878-6400 ext 43282          
Secretarial Staff 
Reyna Harvey                               
Stephanie Archibeque                  
Special Ed Services
Violeta Djordjevic                          
Ryil Adamson                                 
Technology Coordinator
      Ford Davis                                       
Julie Becker                                   
Phone: 878-6400  x47206

I-Bio (9th grade Biology and PE)
Jeffrey Smolensky- PE                   
Alison Floyd-Biology                                alison.floyd@nexgen
Concentric Democracy (9th grade English, NM History, and SS Skills)
Mike Garcia- Eng 9:                        
Wes Cole- NM Hist & SS Skills:     
Algebra I & Geometry (9th grade Math)
Computer Applications (9th grade elective)
Julie Lopes                                     

World Studies (10th grade English, World History, and Geography)
Syd DiChiara- Eng10                       
Jeff Sisneros- World History           
Algebra 1 (10th grade Math)
Smitha Keshavmurthy                                                                         
Visual Arts (10th grade Art elective) & Yearbook (10th and 11th grade elective)
         Laura Parker                                   

                                                                                             Website: Visual Arts, Yearbook
         Chemistry (10th grade Science)  

         Megan Lanigan                                                                           

Language (10th & 11th grade Foreign Languages)
Carlos Pacheco (Sp 1, Sp 2)           
Kelly McCloskey-Romero (Fr 1, Fr 2)

American Studies (11th grade English & US History)
Lisa Davis                                       
Chris Potter                                    
Algebra II, Pre-Calculus(11th grade Math)
Marila Mancha-Garcia                                 
Physics (11th grade Science)
          Krystal Irby                                    

American Political & Economic Studies (12th grade English, U.S. Government, and Economics) 
Amy Reece- Econ/ Gov.                 
Cat Reece- English 12                   
Environmental Studies & Statistics (12th Statistics & Environmental Science)
Laura White- Environmental Sc.       
Michael Steele- Statistics