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What is mentorship?

Each learner logs a total of 40 hours out in "the field" of a career that interests them by shadowing someone who will share their everyday work life.

Our goal is that the learner will make more informed decisions about college & career pathways.

Mentorship matters! So, we free up 1 period out of each day of 1 semester to make room for a total of 40 hours of mentorship time a semester.

Mentorship Steps
  1. Through their Nex+Gen advisory, learners explore college majors and related careers based on interest inventories (some already have ideas).
  2. Learners find a match. They start with family connections. Nex+Gen will help if necessary.
  3. Mentors complete the paperwork:
    • Information for the mentor
    • Mentor's signature confirming their commitment & parental agreement
    • Time log for recording time spent with mentor
  4. Learners complete their mentorships
  5. Learners turn in the completed paperwork:
    • Mentor's assessment and evidence of completion
    • Reflective piece written by learner