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Credit Recovery

Per APS policy, no credit can be given to any student who fails an academic course for the semester.

Learners at nex+Gen who have a failing grade at semester in an integrated class made up of more than one core subject area, such as our “World Studies” course, which teaches standards for both US History and English 10, will ultimately fail both subjects.  Learners would then have to make up credit for two classes when enrolling for credit recovery. 

Please note, credit recovery can be very expensive. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch can receive a waiver for a reduced fee.

My Student Failed. Now What?

In any event that a learner has failed a course at semester, he/she is considered “Off Track” to graduate on time unless credits are made up in a timely fashion with a passing grade. 

To be classified as a 10th-grade Sophomore a student must have 6 credits when registering for the new school year; 13 credits to be classified as a Junior, and 19 credits to be classified as a Senior. 

Please note that parents/guardians and students are expected to oversee the process of enrolling in credit recovery courses if the student has failed a course at semester.

Parent Responsibility

Nex+Gen will assist students in any plans for credit recovery, but ultimately the responsibility for completion of credits is up to the parents.  The counselor is available for any guidance on this matter. Transcripts are distributed through advisories, but they can also be requested at any time by calling the front desk.

It is the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian and learner to understand and know that there are (3) three, six-week grading periods where “Report Cards” are handed out for the sole purpose of notifying students and parents/guardians of academic standing so that remediation can take place before final grades are posted to the student’s transcript, which is done in January and May.

Parents are encouraged to have a conference and/or communicate with their student’s teachers if there is a concern.