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Graduation Information

Graduating With Distinction

Our school offers students an opportunity to earn special recognition and honor at graduation. In order to receive the cord that distinguishes this special honor, a student must meet the following requirements.

Requirements for the nex+Gen Distinguished Graduate Honor

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.0
  • Complete all course requirements over the course of four years in the Program of Studies, plus:
    • Two Dual Credit Courses successfully completed
    • Two Years Foreign Language
    • Complete One Career Exploration Experience (Mentorship, Internship, or Academic Inquiry) in the Junior Year
    • Complete with Proficiency a Senior Project that includes a business/community mentor
    • Present a Senior Portfolio that successfully meets the proficient score of the assessment rubric

How nex+Gen Requirements Differ

While graduation requirements remain the same for nex+Gen Academy as for all other APS high schools, most students follow the nex+Gen Academy Program of Studies which includes an additional lab science, two years of a foreign language, an additional dual credit course, and a senior project. We feel that this more rigorous course of study better prepares students for college and career.