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What Is Mentorship?

During students' junior year, each learner logs a total of 40 hours out in "the field" of a career that interests them by shadowing someone who will share their everyday work life or by taking advantage of enriching college or career-related experiences.

The goal of mentorship is for the learner to gain the types of experiences that will better inform them when making college and career plans.

Mentorship matters! For that reason, we free up 1 period out of each day of 1 semester to make room for a total of 40 hours of mentorship time during one semester.

Mentorship Steps

  1. Through their Nex+Gen advisory, learners explore college majors and related careers based on interest inventories (some already have ideas).
  2. Learners find a match. They start with family connections. Nex+Gen will help if necessary.
  3. Mentors complete the paperwork:
    • Information for the mentor
    • Mentor's signature confirming their commitment & parental agreement
    • Time log for recording time spent with mentor
  4. Learners complete their mentorships
  5. Learners turn in the completed paperwork:
    • Mentor's assessment and evidence of completion
    • Reflective piece written by learner