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nex+Gen Academy High Magnet School

Contact us: 505-878-6400 

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Admission to Nex+Gen Academy

We're an APS school of choice and have a collaborative environment in which student work is driven by project-based learning and integrated technology. 

APS 2020 - 2021 Quality of Education & Family Engagement Survey


Survey opens: March 29th, 2021

Survey closes: April 23rd, 2021


Survey emails will come from

Parents/guardians should expect an email for each child enrolled in APS

  • March 29  - Emails with survey link sent
  • April 7th - Reminder emails sent to those who have not responded
  • April 20 - Final reminder email sent
  • April 23 - Survey link closes at 10:00 pm


If you do not receive an email with the survey link, call the school's office or Strategic Analysis & Program Research (SAPR) at or (505) 872-6807


About the survey:

Using Your Voice to Improve Your School

El Uso de Su Voz para Mejorar Su Escuela


Quality of Service Flyer

Posted 3/26/21
School entrance

About Our School

Established in 2010, Nex+Gen Academy is a small community school with a capacity of 400 students in grades 9–12 and a unique culture of trust, respect, and responsibility. We are located on the Del Norte High School campus and are open to all students interested in project-based learning and collaboration. We're a proven and successful small school model.

It is our mission “To create a community where learning and global citizenship are cultivated to develop future leaders.”  In order to lead in the modern age, our students must emerge from school knowledgeable in the core content areas and the arts, but they must also act as curious individuals, who can communicate well, collaborate effectively, and take initiative to get things done. For that reason, we formally teach, assess, and grade students against a set of skills that we believe are imperative for their success.  Namely, we focus on content knowledge, agency, collaboration, communication, and inquiry & analysis.