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Summer Volunteer Opportunities



What do summer Opportunities Mean to You?

  • They provide you with a valuable experience, such as education, service or travel to expand your world, learn something new, and to explore an interest that could become your career.
  • They allow you make a difference in your community.
  • They demonstrate that you make productive use of your time.  Taking the initiative to take advantage of summer opportunities reflects highly on you.  Colleges may think that you will likely display the same initiative in college.
  • There are many summer opportunities if you remain open.  Many opportunities for summer positions are on a first come, first served basis.      


General Opportunities   

If you already have a mentorship in your career interest, you could continue your mentorship through the summer or ask your mentor about summer opportunities.


Google your interest.  For example “marine Biology summer intern high school” and see what you find.


Volunteer Websites. The following websites list organizations seeking volunteers: Volunteermatch, and the United Way’s New Mexico Volunteer Connection, Both websites list volunteer opportunities which can be sorted by area of interest and whether they are appropriate for teens.

Local Health Sciences Opportunities


Health Careers Academy (HCA) at UNM

This six-week non-residential program at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Health Sciences center (HSC) is for current high school freshman, sophomores and juniors.  HCA aims to stimulate interest in the health professions, especially among underserved and underrepresented populations in New Mexico.  The HCA six-week program begins in the middle of June. Volunteers have to be 18 years old.  Past participants from other APS High Schools rated this program highly.


Hospital Volunteer at Presbyterian Hospital

Presbyterian Hospital accepts volunteers at least 16 year old.  Apply early in the Spring.


Hospital Volunteer at University of New Mexico  In the past, the University of New Mexico hospital ( has provided opportunities for teens 16 and older.  They also have a Summer Teen program for 14-18 year olds that can lead to a mentorship during the school year. Volunteer Services: 272-2356

Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp hires teens as camp counselors.


North Ridge Alzheimer's Special Care Center welcome teens with music, dance or drama skills to perform at the  Othercare facilities in the city also welcome volunteer performers.


Counselor in Training (CIT) at Camp Rising Sun in Albuquerque New Mexico’s Summer Camp for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Ronald McDonald House Volunteer Teen Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age are celcome to give thier time and talents to the House, which is located near the UNM North Campus.  The house offers temporary housing for families of children receiving pediatric treatment in Albuquerque for serious illnesses.


Casa de Salud is a health clinic in the South Valley. Must be bilingual.  Duties include filing, making copies and checking in patients. (505)907-8311


Local Science, Math and Engineering Opportunities


Sandia Labs and Advanced Materials Lab

You must be at least 16 years old and an outstanding student.  February is the time to apply and it helps to have a connection, someone you know at Sandia Labs or AML.


Summer Science Program (SSP) at New Mexico Tech in Socorro and Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. “By day students learn college-level astronomy, physics, calculus, and programming.  By night, working in teams of three, they take telescopic images of a near-earth asteroid, then write software to calculate that asteroid’s orbit around the sun.  Stimulating guest speakers and field trips round out this intense,exhilarating immersion into hands-on science”.  Tuition is free for NM residents.


Center for High Tech Materials (CHTM) and the UNM School of Engineering Internships

Internships for outstanding high school students are available for the 8 week summer internship program at UNM School of programs

Phone (505) 272-7971 or (505)277-8402


UNM Summer Transportation Institute Engineering Student Services, with the support of U.S. Department of Transportation, sponsors a Summer Transportation Institute (STI) for high School students.  This four week residential program takes place on the University of New Mexico campus in


New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Junior Docent Program for students 8th through 12th grade. click on volunteers, then click on Junior Docents


Explora Youth Intern and Volunteer Programs Explora’s Youth Intern Program involves high school students in a three-year internship during which they experience an engaging approach to learning and become educators in their community.


Dream Catchers Science Program Sponsored by Sandia Labs.  At the high school level, the Dreamcatchers program is three days in the summer.




Junior Achievement volunteers teach important skills to students in grades K through 12.  Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.


American Youth Literacy Foundation  Teens at least 15 years old can teach or tutor younger children how to read and literacy skills. – First in Reading Look for volunteer sign up page.


Indian Pueblo Cultural Center  accepts volunteer docents, who are at least 16 years old.  Click on learn; click on Internships.


Biopark  Nature Guides guide visitors through the Biopark Botanic Garden.  They must be at least 14 years old. click on Volunteer at the Bio Park


Animal Shelter  type in Volunteer-Pets in Search bar


Roadrunner Food Bank  Volunteers must be at least 6 years old  Meals on Wheels volunteers help prepare meals or help deliver meals with an adult driver. Volunteers must be at least 13


Joy Junction accepts teen volunteers to help at the city’s largest family homeless shelter. The age limits depend on the specific job and whether the youth is a member of a group or an individual. Click on Volunteer link.


College Career Readiness Program at UNM Type in College Readiness in search bar and under search page click on college career Readiness programs


Non-local Summer Opportunities in Science 

Pathways to Science  This website has links to summer programs for high school students throughout the US.  You can search by Institution, Type of Science (e.g. Medical and Life Sciences) and Region (e.g.Southwest US)


NASA Science Mission Directorate Applied Sciences training and development program


Research Science Institute at MIT 

Each summer, 80 of the world’s most accomplished high school students gather at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the Research Science Institute (RSI).  Invited students enjoy a six-week, cost-free program designed to kick-start their careers of leadership in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.


5 free Space Camp Scholarships to US Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL for kids 9-17.

Scholarship covers tuition, room and board.  Transportation to and from Huntsville is on your own.Three tracks: Robotics-design and program ultimate robot; Aviation-flight  dynamics, wilderness survival, teamwork; Space- Shuttle Mission, Mars